what my clients say

“Liz is by far the most knowledgeable and intuitive Pilates instructor I have been taught by. Her classes provide so much variety. I always come away having experienced something new, which keeps me interested and challenged. Not only does Liz keep us entertained, she imparts so much of her knowledge which has given me a much deeper understanding of how to correctly approach each exercise. She’s truly cares for her clients, checking in with each of us at the start of each class, tailoring exercises to suit and sometimes following up after a class. She genuinely wishes to improve her client’s experience, asking for feedback and providing suggestions of exercises to try at home. Liz’s class is an essential and valuable part of my week.”
R. Lea-Wilson

“Liz is an amazing Pilates teacher. She is very good at assessing your abilities and adapts the class exercises for you. Liz is kind and caring and I do always recommend her classes to friends”
W. Scott

“Liz is such a lovely, patient instructor and always takes time to check your positioning to ensure you get the most from each class. No matter how stiff and tense I feel at the beginning of a class, I always go home feeling relaxed.”
C. Moakes

“I’ve never done any exercise class before and was apprehensive about starting but with increasingly poor mobility in my back and hips I had to take the plunge. Liz was often recommended so I took a trial class and loved it. I’ve been taking Liz’s beginners class for a few months now and can recommend her from my own experience. She always suggests different ‘levels of difficulty’ so you can take it at your own pace, and all equipment is provided.”
L. Christmas

“I had never done Pilates before and was very apprehensive when I went to my first class. Liz put me at ease immediately, she is always full of encouragement and incredibly supportive. I see others finish a more intense class before ours and there is always a tremendous buzz from them. I highly recommend Liz, whether you are a beginner or have been doing it for years – you won’t regret it!”
K. Howard

“Excellent class, really helps with my hyper-mobility and fibromyalgia”
C. Cripps Walbridge

“love my sessions with Liz. She is incredible teacher who will tailor an exercise for you!”
V. Smith

“Liz has really given some good advice and support that works well with my postnatal physio. I love that you can pick and choose the level that works best for yourself!”
C. Batchelor

“Liz is a great Pilates instructor. She is very good at putting you at ease, and can easily find an adaptation if you cannot manage some of the moves.”
S. Karcheski

“Highly recommend Liz. She is a knowledgeable and highly motivating individual who knows her Pilates background thoroughly. Her classes are great fun and well worth a try.”
S. Saunders

“Liz is a very knowledgeable and competent instructor. She’s approachable and super friendly. Classes are a lovely size and have a relaxed vibe. Would definitely recommend.”
M. Fortune

“Highly recommend Liz, her classes are always well planned, with lots of different levels, friendly and fun. I have been attending her classes for over a year and they have been a massive part of my recovery from vestibular problems. The classes have improved my balance, co-ordination, core and overall strength. She is a fantastic and inspirational teacher.”
K. Bees

“Liz is a wonderful teacher, she’s kind and really cares about her clients . She has helped me so much with my shoulder and back pain and always keeps a close eye on how you are doing . Her classes are nice and small so she manages to get around to everyone and make sure they are in the correct position. I thoroughly recommend her.”
N. Logie

“Love, love, love my pilates classes with Liz! They are sometimes hard work, I often ache for a while afterwards but I always come away smiling. Liz always shows me where I’m going wrong and always has time for each individual in her class. Can’t recommend her enough!”
A. Champion

“Classes with Liz are always fun and helpful. I may ache the next day but I know I’ve been working the right muscles! I had abdominal separation from my second pregnancy and Liz’s classes have helped strengthen my core and help reduce the abdominal gap. Totally recommend Liz and her classes.”
L. Withers

“I love going to Liz’s Pilates classes, she takes time to get to know us all, our individual needs, and really helps us to enjoy the class and stretch and challenge ourselves when we want to. Fantastic, I’ve learned a lot from Liz!”
B. Mitchell

“I love Liz’s Pilates classes. She is a great teacher who always gives alternative exercises so you can always work to your own ability. The classes are always varied and enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone that wants to try Pilates to try Liz’s classes.”
E. Pitman

“I have going to Liz’s Pilates class for sometime now and the difference it has made to my feeling of mobility and general fitness is great. I wish I’d started sooner.”
D. McGee

“Liz is a good Pilates Instructor who watches and caters to each individuals needs and really encourages you without pushing. Fun and good exercise and lots of help.”
L. Shepherd